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True Wellness Pharmacy

Custom Pharmacy Services & Wellness Options

At True Wellness Pharmacy your health comes first. We bring personal interaction and service back to your pharmacy experience. The bottom line is that our patients’ needs come first and we aim to ensure that. From your first encounter with True Wellness Pharmacy, you’ll see what sets us apart from the rest.

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy

Our mission is to help people get – and stay – healthy. We integrate custom pharmacy services and wellness options to support well-rounded health.

Our hard working skilled Team work closely with you and your healthcare team to promote overall health and well-being. Our goal is to spread wellness and help create a community where people do what they love through healthy living.

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“At True Wellness we put patients first. Every time.”

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Dedicated to Serving Our Community

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Protein and Supplements

We have an extensive inventory of vitamins, supplements and durable medical equipment.


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Or pharmacists can review all your meds for duplications or dangerous drug interactions.

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Our fast, friendly and experienced pharmacists work with you to coordinate benefits, find financial assistance and provide .

Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.

We safety and sanitation products available and in stock.

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Why Our Customers Love Us


Primitivo G.

"I would like to say that true wellness pharmacy is 100% family oriented. Great service great advice. And I hope I never have to move and change pharmacies again. I do highly recommend for everyone to give it a try I believe you will be very happy."



"In early Spring I couldn’t wait for the new pharmacy to open up in Van Buren Township. It sits in a cozy corner in the Belleville Townes Square complex located at 10824 Belleville rd. We wanted a more personal experience with our Pharmacist rather than just a drive-through experience. So we choose True Wellness Pharmacy. Micheal is the Pharmacist and owner. My husband has had diabetes and is on several meds to control it and one of those meds was Ozempic a once a wk injection he takes. After being on this Med His AIC was just not coming Down. It was 10.5 and higher at times. So Michael called me and said Rick's ozempic was ready and I told Michael that he still had medication left and Michael said there is no way he should have medication left if he’s taking it correctly. I looked at the box and sure enough, Michael caught a huge mistake that was on the box from the previous pharmacy. My husband was not injecting enough medication to bring his AIC down. This went on for a year. We don’t know if it was an error from Dr's office or a misprint from that pharmacy. But if not for True wellness Pharmacy and Micheal catching it I believe it would be continuing to happen. Michael immediately called our Insurance and Drs office to confirm the correct dosage. Finding the error and correcting it my Husbands new blood results were amazing. His AIC is now 5.8, a substantial decrease. We can’t thank him and his staff enough for catching and correcting it.


Katy R.

"Michael and his staff are top notch!! Even with a mask on they greet me BY NAME every time I walk in. I know that I am more than just number like the big chains. Michael has personally delivered my prescriptions to my door. I am so glad that he is my pharmacist."


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True Wellness Pharmacy combines high quality products with personalized care. Our staff is happy to help you with any questions you may have.


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We offer a wide variety of services including conventional prescription filling, immunizations, medical equipment, natural and holistic services and much more.


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  • At True Wellness Pharmacy, we’re committed to helping you live a healthier life. Our pharmacy staff would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.